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board : EZWebSites.BIZ bulletin board--Hello! : How to write a good argumentative essay Introduction
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How to write a good argumentative essay Introduction

Seth Morris
Posted: 21 April 2022 - 11:20 AM
A well-written introduction to an argumentative essay is like a great opening statement in a trial. A writer should present the issue, provide background and then make the main argument. This is just like a lawyer.
Get started with a hook
Begin your introduction by writing a sentence that piques the interest of the reader in the topic. You can start your introduction with a quote or a personal story, a shocking statistic, or an interesting question to pique interest. If you're arguing against smoking in public places, then you could start your introduction with a quote, a personal story, or a question. This grabs attention and introduces the topic.
Include background
The background of the argumentative research paper topic can help readers better understand the topic. This history and context can make it easier to explain and support your argument. You can, for example, argue against the existence of a military draft in the United States. Your introduction may include information about the history and circumstances that led to the abolishment.
Describe Your Thesis
The thesis is the core of any argumentative essay . It is a concise sentence that sums up the point you want to make. A thesis statement should state a position on a specific issue that readers can argue against. The thesis statement cannot be considered a fact. If a professor assigns you the topic of war, the thesis statement could be: "The United Nations needs to be redesigned as it is incapable of preventing wars." Your essay should support your thesis statement by explaining and proving your argument.
What to leave out
An introduction should not describe arguments or provide analysis that isn't needed in the body paragraphs. The introduction should present and establish your point rather than provide evidence supporting it. Your introduction should be a guideline for the remainder of the essay. However, it shouldn't state explicitly what you will argue: "I am going prove to you that ..."" This set-up doesn't add any relevant information and serves only as filler.

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board : EZWebSites.BIZ bulletin board--Hello! : How to write a good argumentative essay Introduction

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